Our Daughters, May 12 Daily Reflection

My Daughter & Her Daddy

When does it begin, the self doubt and worrying about appearance and what others may think? Does it slide right in when the hormones begin their raging paths through those still childlike bodies? Thanking God daily that all she feels now is loved! She feels proud of her height, towering above the boys. She feels confident in her soccer skills and her reading level. She feels the sisterhood of friendship and the protection of her brothers.

Daughters are to be raised different than sons they are jewels to be treasured but not placed upon a shelf for admiration. They are the type of jewel we carry in our pockets the thinking stone that we give attention and tender care to. We must consciously raise our daughters in this culture of ours. So they know their place is wherever they choose to make it. We must give them support and encouragement from a young age. We must give them security, attention and undying love so that they don’t seek it outside of their families.

Our daughters will search for those qualities and those feelings they lacked as a girl. If they did not find the loving embrace and acceptance in their daddy’s arms they will search a lifetime to fill that void.  They need an example of how a man should respect and care for his wife.

Our daughters are precious jewels we need to cultivate into a shining simple treasure for the entire world to witness. All that a woman will need and desire to achieve starts with us, the parents. It is both a responsibility and a privilege. Know that every day you help her grow or stunt her growth, be aware. For now she is having fun with not a care in the world but one day all the hormones will rage and what you have done to that point will be crystal clear for others to see like a rock or a jewel the choice is up to you as parents

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