Passion to right wrongs, April 28, 2017 Daily Reflection

Yesterday, my juniors had a senior service orientation. They listened to two of the top presenters from this year’s senior class talk about their passion to right the wrongs in our community. Then the students had to brainstorm talents, habits, and attributes they may be able to contribut to the good of others. They brainstormed stories of injustices in their families. All in hopes to spark an interest in a particular injustice in our community. These juniors will be charged with an 8 month project based on an injustice. The student must be passionate about solving or aiding that injustice.

A few students told me they could not think of anything they cared that much about. Apathy is unacceptable! As Christians we have been comissioned by Jesus Christ to do the will of God for all those whom we encounter. Our faith and drive should be fueled by the passion to rectify the injustices. In time I hope that each student allows their hearts to be opened and ears to hear the cry of those who need us most in our community. Please say a prayer for my students to discern what he or she could be passionate about for their senior service. Apathy will not heal the brokeness of our culture.

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