Pause for a Moment, March 24, 2017 Daily Reflection

A Place to Catch your breath

We, as a culture, rarely pause long enough to catch our breath much less realize what we are breathing

We are a people enticed by the world, energized by motion and engaged by pleasure

When God created the light in the darkness…the love in the world…

Was His intent that we simply live

Or was His intent that we live simply?

Living simply is not to be equated with a dirt floor and no furniture

Living simply is living without excess of materialism, negative thoughts, and too many tasks

Our lives are multi tasked, not single actions,

Our lives are a blur of things we have checked off a list and a calendar of things yet to check off

How then do we catch our breath and discover the rhythm of our lives

How then will we sit still when the motion is what propels us?

Stop, simply put, Stop

Not forever, just for a time, just for a few minutes each day

Stop and breathe… inhale goodness and exhale pollution

In that moment close your eyes to your schedules and open your mind to God

In that silence simply be at peace, listen for the breathing and embrace the goodness that fills your lungs


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