Practice, March 3, 2014 Daily Reflection

My daughter's friend at a meet

My daughter’s friend at a meet

This is a friend of my daughter’s at a gymnastics competition. She received lots of medals at the meet including 1st overall! It was exciting for my daughter and me to watch her compete. She was so good and graceful. It was obvious that tons of practice culminates into this type of performance. She practices 4 hours every day. Some people believe that talent will make you this good. The truth is even with talent you still need practice. Practice conditions your body and mind to execute the correct moves.

The same is true in the “practice” of our religion. We may have the talent to talk and pray with God but if we don’t practice it will stay at that level. “Practicing” our faith through community gatherings such as Church provides the opportunity to learn more about our faith and to pray and worship as a community. “Practicing” our faith through service, conditions our minds to think different than our culture expects us to. Instead of “me, me, me” it becomes how can I serve and help others. “Practicing” our faith through words and actions helps us to give praise and glory to God and to bring the kingdom of God to our earth.

Without practice my daughter’s friend would fall off that balance beam. Without practicing our faith we fall off the path we were meant to walk towards God. Let today be the day we begin our practice!

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