Prayers of Thanksgiving & Rejoicing, May 19 Tidbit

Anna & Spencer Celebrating

“The pathology report came back. Its good news. They checked 24 lymph nodes none showed any traces of cancer!” my mom told me yesterday afternoon over the phone with such joy that I could picture her face. My dad got on the phone and said “It was the prayers, Lori. It was all the prayers. The doctor said with the size of that tumor (it was the size of a tennis ball) it was a miracle it did not spread. Start emailing everyone and tell them thank you for the prayers. It was the prayers! Now we have to pray with gratitude to God for this miracle!”

It was the single best conversation of my life! God is good! I told my children and they were jumping and screaming “Grandpa is going to be ok!!” There is much celebrating and rejoicing in our house and in our prayers.

My Dad and I sincerely want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers.


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