Risk, June 18, 2014 Daily Reflection

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Risk nothing and gain nothing
Risk something and you could lose it or gain more
What should we be willing to risk?
Can you risk hostile stares and unkind comments because you choose to talk about your faith out loud? What is there to gain from talking about your faith?

This is going to be a countercultural statement but here goes “It’s not ALWAYS about YOU!”  In this individualistic society which we live in it’s all about YOU. When you live your life for God you have to get out of the way and allow God to use you for His Glory and not your own.

So what would you gain from talking about God to others; possibly God’s approval but not necessarily approval from the people of this world. Possibly, enlightening another person with your faith and helping them discover a more sincere way to live. Possibly, living your faith by example and giving others hope. Possibly, others mocking you and calling you names. Which is more important to you? What are you willing to risk?

Risk nothing and gain nothing

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