Saturday Mornings, March 13, 2013 Daily Reflection

green lush grass

As a child I recall so many Saturday mornings laying in the lush green grass of my backyard after dancing to my 1980’s music blaring from the one speaker in my jam box. I would take some deep breathes and feel the grass under my back and on my hands. I would close my eyes and be at peace without a care in the world. There was no stress in my life, no responsibilities on a Saturday morning, no school, homework, nothing but time. I would blink my eyes open to stare at the clouds above my head meandering carelessly across the sky.

The beauty of the clouds

I would look for the shapes and suddenly see a person, a heart…one time I saw Puff the magic dragon. That was my favorite song as a child. I would sing it and just relax there in the grass of my backyard.  I would also talk to God in those moments when life was simple and peaceful. I would ask Him how He was doing and thank him for the day. Then I would jump up suddenly (everything was sudden when I played) and start running or dancing again.

Oh, to be a child once more…to lay upon the lush grass without a care in the world…to watch the clouds go by with delight…

I do still talk to God and I thank Him for allowing me to revisit those sweet, precious memories of my childhood for they bring me peace, calm and serenity in my life right now.

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