Stress Relief & Healthy, November 18, 2015 Daily Reflection


Most people I know are stressed out over something or many things. Our society believes that we should have at least 20 things on our list each day to keep us busy, productive, and worthy of life. So, we are busy people. We are also people with a high rate of heart disease, obesity, emotional disorders, and a dependency on drugs and alcohol. What our society needs is to slow down, take a few items off the list and find some healthy stress relievers. I found mine years ago: running!

If you are the person that is now thinking, “unless someone is chasing me, I will not be running,” have no fear walking is a great stress reliever, and it is also healthy! There is something that is stress relieving about being in nature with your body exercising, not excessively, but at a comfortable pace at the beginning. Every time I run I can feel the stress like the sweat exiting my body and the endorphins filling me with joy. It is one of the best stress relievers ever! It is also extremely healthy, I keep my blood circulating, weight down, and there is absolutely no reason to depend on drugs and alcohol when running makes me feel so good. If running is too much for you, try walking. Sometimes it is better to start walking with a friend. But don’t let schedules get in the way. If you cannot coordinate with a friend grab your phone and turn on Google Play find some good tunes and just start walking. You will be glad you did.

We each need to find habits that are healthy for our minds, bodies, and souls. I pray at the beginning of each run so it also centers me on being thankful to God for the ability and time to run. Try it today and sweat your stress away!

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