How do you do that? September 8, 2014 Daily Reflection

WeekendSo it’s the weekend, time to relax, sleep in and spend more time with family and friends, right? Well, I did get to enjoy my boys running a cross country meet on Friday evening and then had dinner with my family and some friends. I was able to sleep in Saturday morning and go for a nice run. Then watch my daughter play a great soccer game. Of course after that I spent the next 6 hours reading and answering questions for my most current Master’s class, the New Testament. I was also able to go for a run Sunday morning and attend Mass with my family. Then I spent the next 8 hours working on Holy Cross planning for the next two weeks, updating grades, correcting tests and reading essays. I stopped for dinner.

My husband said to me, “How do you do that?” My answer was, “I care about my students. I also need to learn more about the scriptures to teach my students better.” By 10:00 PM last night I still cared about my students but I was exhausted and ready to go to bed, but not ready to get up and go back to work again. However, because it is my calling in life it doesn’t feel so much like work as much as it feels like where I am suppose to be to do God’s work.

Honestly, I am blessed by this calling and the love and support I am given by children who love me through it and my husband who now does the grocery shopping. How do I do it? By the grace of God, that’s how I do everything!

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