Signs, November 29, 2012 Daily Reflection

Sign post in St. Louis

There are so many signs on this sign post that I can barely tell which sign is pointing in what direction.  How many times do our lives feel like this sign post? There are too many choices, an overwhelming amount of directions and just not enough time to go down every path that is offered to us daily.

In our lives we usually choose a path; marriage, single life, parenting, career, service, religious life, education etc. The list goes on and on. But eventually it seems that we have found a certain path and we remain on it for quite some time. Some of us never stray from that path. Others of us look back up at the sign post and say I am ready for a new path and go a different way.

In my life my direction has always been to be married, raise my children and be close to God. There is no sign that will ever appeal to me more than this path in my life. However, while on this path I have many choices. I have never felt trapped within the choices I have made because I feel God directed me to this path. On this path I can choose different career choices, service opportunities or educational pursuits.  I know deep in my heart that God has called me to a vocation of family and service to God.

What sign did you follow? Do you believe that God called you to that path? Do you believe you have choices on that path or that you are stuck? You are never completely stuck anywhere in life. There are always choices. Today, reflect on the choices you have made with the directions in your life.

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