In the silence we can hear…, November 17, 2014 Daily Reflection

NoiseOur world is filled with noise. The noises are so great it is almost deafening. There are TVs in every room of most houses including bathrooms, and forget about the restaurants, which have 10-18 flat screens each playing a different channel. We have iPod, IPhone, Phones of every sort, lap tops, tablets and desk tops. There is talking, singing, screaming, cars, and buses, ambulances, fire trucks and sirens. Everywhere we turn there is noise. If there is silence we turn on one of these things to keep us company. Some people have to have the TV on to fall asleep at night to the “white noise.” 

Where is the silence in our world? We must choose it. We must create an environment to discover the silence, to embrace the moments of no distractions. We must be motivated to go there in our life. But why should we? What will we find in the silence? For many people the silence is uncomfortable, especially when their lives have been overstimulated with noise and over loaded with facts, words, news, media and posts. What then will we find in the silence? Our thoughts, our feelings, our reflections of life. It takes a commitment to the find that silence daily if only for 3 minutes a day for a week and then 5 minutes a day for the next week. Give your mind a break, give your spirit a release, a way to relax and rejuvenate from the noise of our lives.

So many people say that God does not talk to them and therefore, He must not exist! How can God be heard over the “noise” of this life? Find the silence, commitment to it and hear the voice God in your thoughts, your peace and your solitude. When you begin to listen you will begin to hear God.

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