Spiritual Journey, February 20, 2018 Daily Reflection

The spiritual journey of lent takes us to the desert where in isolation we listen for God. However, that doesn’t mean we have to experience the entire spiritual journey alone. Our T

The cross

riune God lives in the community of the Father, the creator, the Son, the redeemer, and the Holy Spirit which binds and expands the love of the relationship with and between the two. God created us to be in right relationship with all. We were not meant to exist in isolation. Isolation, silence, and meditation are required for a balanced life. Life would be unbalanced if we were in either extreme of isolation or never alone. We need people in our lives to walk the path, encourage, and be honest with us.

This lent choose to take a spiritual journey. Open yourself to time alone in the desert to listen to God in the silence. Take time out of each day to be alone with God and pray. Also, consider making a Lenten buddy, a friend who you can be accountable to for what you give up. A person whom you can talk to and count on for support and to support her as well. Lent is a time to get in touch with God this is also done through relationships with others. After all, the divine resides in the souls of each of us. Choose to take that spiritual journey this Lent and see where it leads.

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