My Sweet Love, August 13, 2014 Daily Reflection

Me and My Husband

Me and My Husband

Twenty years ago it began with a smile which led to laughter that eventually led to infatuation. We could not stay away from each other. We walked around with a permanent grin on our faces, lost in thoughts about the other. We graduated from college, found jobs got married, started and completed our family.

We have grown together through it all. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows but regardless love always remains. Aaron is my sweet love, I still smile when I talk about him and sometimes I just get lost in thoughts about how much I love him. How is it possible after 17 years of marriage to love and like someone that much? Most couples think it is not possible but me and Aaron know the truth. Through the ups and downs, successes, losses, disappointments and joys we experience them together. There is not another person on this earth I would want to share every part of my life with more than my sweet love.

My students always seem shocked by how much I love my husband and that I talk about him like I am totally and hopelessly in love. They seem to be more accustom to negative comments shared by spouses. But not me I respect and truly adore my sweet love. He still makes me smile and for that I will be eternally grateful to God for such an amazing blessing in my life.

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