The Action, April 21 Daily Reflection

A Rock Hitting the Water

Rarely do we get to see the action of an event. We anticipate the event for months, sometimes even years in advance, wanting to be a part of it.  After the action has occurred we feel the after effect for month’s even years sometimes.  But the actual action, unless we catch it with a camera or truly focus in that moment, is over almost instantly. 

The day after my husband proposed to me I started making the wedding arrangements. We were engaged for 18 months before we were married.  For 18 months I planned the wedding day. The ceremony lasted a little over an hour and the reception lasted 5 hours. 18 months of planning was over in less than 7 hours.  The marriage however has lasted for 12 years and we plan for it to last until death do we part.  The actual exchange of our vows and wedding rings took only minutes but what they symbolize will last an eternity. We have a video tape of the wedding so we can see that action, although in today’s world we need to convert it to a DVD.

How often have you looked forward to something or looked back on something?  But when that time occurred you didn’t really observe it like you wish you would have?  We seem to live for the future and look to the past. So where does that leave today?  Do we live in the moment or are we constantly looking beyond it or behind it? 

 Today observe your actions and those of the world around you and truly take it all in for today is a day of your life that will be gone tomorrow. 

Today see that rock hit the water!

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