The Day After Christmas, December 26 Daily Reflection

The puzzle

A tap on the door, squinting against the bright light of the hallway I muttered “Ethan is that you?”

“Are you awake mom, it’s Christmas morning?” His voice was quiet yet filled with anticipation. 

“OK, Ethan I am getting up. I will be there in a minute.” Slowly I rose from my shortened slumber that we parents call Christmas Eve night. It was 7:00 am and the sun was not yet up. I merrily went up and down the halls and sweetly hugged each child in their bed arousing them from their sleep with “Its Christmas morning let’s see if Santa has visited.” With that statement made each of my children popped from their beds even my usually groggy wakers. We woke daddy who can sleep through an earthquake and we were off to set up the camera.  Down the stairs they ran straight to the new bikes, and wrapped treasures unknown. One by one they opened their desired gifts, the ones that had made Santa’s wish list and a few extra unexpected surprises. The mess of paper lay upon the floor as each child was busying opening the packaging to new games and magic tricks. A hush fell over the room as they were all entranced by their new toys. One of which is the 3D puzzle of Saturn in the picture above. Try as I may I can only complete 2 pieces.

The day after the adrenaline rushes, the gift giving and receiving, the sugary sweets, the hugs and kisses from relatives and the day of running everywhere and repeating to everyone you meet what Santa brought we are left like that puzzle, trying to figure out what to do next. It’s almost like a day after let down; for so long we have waited for this day and then it is over. Well, if all you believe in is the parties, gifts and treats it is over. However, if you believe that Christmas is about more, about the birth of Christ and how He will be renewed in your heart then Christmas has hardly ended for you this day. Christmas is every day. Every day that you give a smile to a stranger, every time that you remember to love instead of hate, every moment that you let kindness fall from your lips, every second that you thank God for your loved ones and your very life you celebrate Christmas once more.

It may be the day after Christmas on the calendar but let every day in your heart be Christmas Day.

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