The Game, October 23 Daily Reflection

Spencer playing a video game.

Spencer playing a video game.

Notice the size difference between Spencer and the machine?  Wonder how he is doing playing the game?  Is he wining, being defeated or is he just pretending to play because he ran out of tokens? Does he have strategies for playing or is he just winging it all?  Has he learned the correct way to play or is it all aimless?  It’s just a game to him now. 

Someday it will be my little boy all grown up playing the game of life.  Will he be prepared for it all?  Will he have the strategies it takes to survive in our society to win or will he feel defeated and give up.  Will he make enough money to thrive or will he lose all his tokens and be unemployed?  Will he know the best path to take that will lead him to the good side or will he make bad choices and go the other way?

As parents we have been loaned this most precious gift of a human life.  God entrusts us to do what we think is right for our children.  We are our children’s greatest advocate.  There is no one on this earth that loves our children more than we do.  It is an awesome responsibility and opportunity that we accept when we decide to become parents.

We as parents do not have all the answers half of the time we are questioning our own judgements.  It is indeed a slippery slope raising our children in our society.  We all know as informed and educated parents that our actions effect our child’s life of decisions.  We all know we need to set the example for our children.  What we don’t know is how exactly to do it. 

We can check out books about raising children and do endless research on studies of children.  We can go to counselors,doctors and teachers and ask what is right and wrong.  Education is never a bad thing.  The more we learn the more we grow.  Ultimately though, we as parents have to make the day to day decisions on what to do.  No book, research or doctor can supply you with instincts or love.  God can help to give us guidance but we have to trust our instincts.  How many times have we gone through different stages with our children and finally found that solution that works for discipline and then the stage changes and you start from scratch once more?  It is frustrating at times and that is because we care so much. We have a vested interest in our children, not because of potential earning, but because we want them to be able to be the best person they can possibly be.

So I propose what we as parents do is; yes, listen to research, yes, read books, yes,  talk with counselors, doctors and teachers.  More than anything listen to our hearts and our instincts, they are God given.  Discuss with other parents what works for you and what doesn’t.  Pay close attention to our instincts, pray, ask God for guidance and love our children unconditionally.  Instead of being caught up in the thought that every move you make is being analyzed just be the best person and parent you possibly can by loving your children, giving them attention, giving them praise, giving them you.  Our children do not want things, they say they do but what they truly desire is to be loved and most importantly by you.  Giving them yourself, your love, your guidance, your presence will give them all the strategies they need for life to go out and play the game no matter how big it is.  From You, your child will gain the security, confidence and ability to love that will prepare them for the game of life. 

So stop worrying so much and instead just love them like only you know how.  Stop trying to be perfect and just try to be the best person you can be.  Stop over-analyzing ever move you make and start trusting that God made the right choice when he made you a parent.  Love them unconditionally like God has loved you and they will learn what they need to know to not just survive in this society but how to be the best person they can be, one who loves, trusts in God, gives to others and is ready for whatever life throws at them.

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