The Impossible, July 11, 2013 Daily Reflection

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The impossible; four years ago I would have said it was impossible to write with children in the house and forget a daily reflections much less writing a blog or having a website.  I would have said “Motivational Speaker, I would love it but I could just never get passed my nerves enough to do it! Besides who would care to listen to me, after all I am just a stay at home mom of four beautiful children.” I was doing what was necessary at that time; concentrating on my children, their school and parish. Then the impossible happened! Not true it didn’t just happen God led me to it and through every “Yes” I took another risk and another step closer to the impossible.

Now here I am a writer, motivational speaker and retreat leader. I have written over 1,477 blogs, written for 2 different published books, had 3 articles published in our Catholic newspaper, led over 20 retreats all over Ky and In and given I can’t tell you how many motivational talks. It seems at this time impossible to become a published author considering I have formally been rejected 14 times. But then again maybe in four years I will look back and say “I did it!” No, correction, we did it (God and me), no, correction, God gave me the opportunity and I had the courage to pursue it.

What is God leading you to and through? What is your impossible dream? If you allow God to guide you the impossible can become possible! Never stop dreaming and following God’s lead. Nothing – I mean NOTHING – is impossible with God!!

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