The Little Angel in my flower garden, August 27 Daily Reflection

The little angel in my flower garden

The little angel in my flower garden

Someone gave me that little angel with a plant as a gift this past spring.  I put her in my flower garden in my front yard.  She reminds me of all of us in this world.  God creates us and places us among His other beautiful creations.  She is among the brightly colored flowers and all of nature that grows around her.  She is trying to complete her task of playing her harp. If you look closely you can see that weeds are starting to encroach on her, some you can’t see beneath the surface. The flowers have grown up past where many people would even notice that she is there.  In actuality she has been knocked down and out of my garden by toy balls and young feet running through the front yard. 
We are like her created and placed her by God among all He has to offer us.  We are trying to complete a task although most of us don’t even know what that task is yet!
All about us is the world encroaching on us and beneath our foundation.  It seems that we are constantly challenged by this world to decide what is a priority and what is just a weed trying to entangle us in life.  So many times we are pulled from what we love, the angel playing the harp, being parents, spending time with family and loving eachother, to work, many hours alone at a computer for the gain of someone else.  Yes we do have to provide for our families to live in this world.  We have to hold a steady job of some sort to survive in this life, no doubt about it!  Someone has to be the one to pay the bills for food, shelter, clothes and education.  But how often does the ground beneath us shift and we get caught up in the rat race at work, we start running for that one piece of cheese that every worker covets, as the cheese that will give them more?  When we get caught up in that mentality our task, the one we cherish from God, the love we give to one another, the parenting, the relationships that help us to become more fully who we should be, suffers.  We get choked by the weeds of life. We also get knocked down and trampled by others feet.  
So I guess the question is how do we provide what is needed in this life to survive for our families but not get choked by the encroaching weeds? 
My answer is simple turn to God. 
Live Simply, So That Others May Simply Live.  It is a difficult task for many of us to actually take the time to pause in our busy life and truly reflect on where we are today and where we want to be tomorrow.  To look at life as a complete picture not the day we just had, but what we want to do, should do and feel called by God to do.
Today I am going to ask you to do a difficult task.  Find 15 minutes sometime today to be alone.  Let all the lists in your head of what you need to do, have not yet done and the brow beating you are about to give yourself for taking 15 minutes away from your family, fade away. When you have found a calm, relaxed mental state then ask yourself “What is this life all about?  Am I doing what I want to do, should do and feel called to do by God?”  Try to wrap your mind around those questions and don’t stop the natural flow in your mind of the answers, let them come to you and reflect on the meaning.  Then say a little prayer to let God help guide you away from the encroaching weeds and the shifting ground and to help you to see the beauty of creation around you, especially the creation of your loved ones. Pray that God will give you the strength to get back up the next time you are knocked down and trampled by others feet and that you will see above the weeds that block your vision to do what you want to do, should do and feel called to do by God!

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