The Perfect Child, July 8 Daily Reflection

Statue of a perfect child

Don’t we really want our children to be like that beautiful statue still, silent and yet present with a smile?

Don’t we all just want to complete a sentence, a thought, an idea? Don’t we just wish they would stop interrupting our conversations and stay silent for just a bit? How many times do we ask them to just sit still for one minute, to stop fidgeting and moving about endlessly? Why can’t they be still for even a moment? Because my dear fellow parents they are children not statues.

What we as parents expect from our children is for them to be statues.We¬†expect for them to be still like adults when their little bodies need to move and explore the world all about them.¬†Parents, we need to change our expectations of our children being statues and accept their childhood for what it is full of motion, interruptions, exploration and wonder. We need to teach manners, respect and kindness all within the realm of a child’s understanding and capabilities. We don’t really want a decoration of stone we want a breathing human being to love and to grow with in our life. So today start the process. Hug your child tightly and feel their little body squirming and thank God you have a living breathing child not the perfect statue of one!

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