The Second Sunday of Advent, December 6 Sunday Tidbit

Anna's Advent Wreath with the 2nd candle lit

Anna's Advent Wreath with the 2nd candle lit

The 2nd Sunday of Advent and the second candle is lit.  This week we draw closer to the birth and celebration of God coming to this world as a child, a human, and  part of our humanity.  So that He could walk, talk and teach among us the thoughts and affections of His mind. Not so that we could buy and purchase thousands of dollars worth of gifts on his birthday.  The Maji only brought one gift each, they were wise men.  Why can’t we learn from them?  It is about the presence of Christ not the presents beneath the tree. 

What has Christ given to you personally in your lifetime? 

 What will you give back to Him in your lifetime?

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