The Swing December 2, Daily Reflection

Jake swinging at the park

Jake swinging at the park

“Push me mommy, higher, higher.  I want to touch the sky!”  Feet dangling in the air, breeze blowing across his face.  Feeling weightless like flying.  Exhilaration and anticipation all mixed into one.

Did you love to swing on the swings when you were a kid?  Have you tried it lately?  Maybe it’s just me but it makes me queasy now.  So many things change in our bodies and minds as we age.  That’s ok I still find pleasure in swings when I push my children.  Is it the height they crave from swinging, the action itself, the breeze, the challenge to go higher or the soothing repetitive motion.  Maybe it’s just plain, good old fashioned fun.

So do we do that anymore, seek fun?  Do we find joy in the happiness of a simple act like swinging?  Maybe our stress would be a little less if we allowed ourselves such simple pleasures as fun.  What is fun to you? Playing in the leaves with your children or snuggling up and reading a good book together?

We also need a little fun away from our children with our own friends or spouse.  When was the last time you went out to have fun?  We need to play just like our children need that time. 

So think about it what would you like to do that is fun?  Call your friends ask them out to dinner or go to a movie together.  Ask your spouse for a date and go do something fun together. Take the time even if you have to plan ahead to enjoy, feel the breeze on your face, anticipation and exhilaration all at the same time. 

Take time to have a turn on a “swing” for an evening or one afternoon it will renew your spirit and lift you up.  Your children will happy for you when you tell them you are going out to play.


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