Things from the past, November 17 Daily Reflection

Items from the past

Right there in the store treasures from their past, price tags stuck onto their possessions, memories sold for the right price. These items that once sat inside a house making it a home are subjected to browsing eyes that reject them. Many may think the items are dated and look more worthy for the dump but still others see their value and usefulness. Recycling at its finest, selling things we no longer need.

How did it happen that these items have somehow become a part of who we are as people? I remember the gold couch in my parent’s living room, the old console television set with the stereo in it, I loved to listen to it lying on the floor with my feet tapping on that “good old couch”. The things that are tangible that surround us have a special place in our memories. That certain doll or teddy bear can jog more memories than talking about the past and so things become intertwined with who we were and who we have become. Not really because we worship things but because they bring back memories of our lives good and bad. Therefore seeing these items among so many others being picked over and passed up saddens my heart because to someone they once symbolized home.

What items can you recall that brings back your childhood? Do you remember a doll or teddy bear you slept with every night? Do you remember a certain bike that challenged your childhood with popping wheelies and going faster than the other kids? Do you remember your most prized toy that you had a hard time letting other kids play with when they came to your house? Do you remember the dinner table in your old kitchen or the pictures on the walls? All these things form the story of your childhood and although we should never be so attached to things that they matter more than other people they do give us a glimpse of our past. Reflect today about your childhood and take a little trip down memory lane looking around at those things that take you back.

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