Where do you turn? May 2, 2017 Daily Reflection

Me and my Dad

When your hopes are high and expectations are building….
When all seems lost and the darkest night seems to have no dawn….
When everything feels flat, nothing inspiring, and nothing interesting….
When goals have been reached and accomplishments attained….
Where do you turn?

Where do you turn? Who do you go to? Your spouse, best friend, parent, or children?
We want to tell people to hear a reaction, to feel supported, to be given understanding, to feel loved.

Do you turn to God? If you answered any of the above with people who truly love you then you do turn to God with skin. You turn to those who know how to will the good of another. Just don’t forget God! Don’t forget to talk with God. Don’t forget to thank God personally, to ask God for guidance, and inspiration.


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