Uncle Tim, July 15 Daily Reflection

My boys trying to find the location of Uncle Tim

It came across my text messaging on my phone early Saturday morning: Geo quiz. 65N 37W 32f. Where is Uncle Tim? My kids ran to get their world atlas and their globe to find the coordinates on the map and solve the riddle. Their first guess was Iceland. The response was: Close but no. Temperature 32 65.34N 37.8W. This time they looked it up on Google and found Greenland. We responded Greenland. Uncle Tim’s response was “You got it!” along with an unbelievable picture of a village in Greenland.

My children love their Uncle Tim! We see him once maybe twice a year. He is a legend to them. He travels the world and brings back pictures and stories.  He sends them trinkets; book marks, pencils, postcards etc from different parts of the world. When we receive a package from Uncle Tim on the front porch the children go wild. They can’t wait to open it! We can never guess what treasure lies in that small cardboard box.

Uncle Tim teaches them so much more than he realizes. They are learning about other cultures and foreign countries. They are learning that they can travel the world and see everything if they want to as they age. They are learning that Uncle Tim loves them from the other side of the world. That Uncle Tim cares enough to text them from Greenland and emails them from England. My children love their Uncle Tim.

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