Valentine’s Day, February 14 Daily Reflection

Handmade Valentine's from my kids

My earliest memory of Valentine’s Day is of my Daddy coming home from work and saying “Who wants to be my valentine?” with a bag crinkling behind his back. Each of us would run to him give him a hug and say or yell “I do, I do!!” Then he would look through his bag of goodies and give us a small box of candy that we would treasure.

I remember writing my valentine’s cards to all of my classmates. I would pick out very special cards for my best friends and for the boy I had a crush on that valentine was simply the best in the box. I still remember the one I chose for the boy in 3rd grade it had Cinderella and the prince dancing on it. Of course of all my crushes only served to crush my little heart until high school.

Then there were the valentine’s days of high school dances, cards and roses sent to school. You wanted to be the one called to the office to pick up a dozen roses!

When college rolled around and I had finally found my soul mate the love of my life and now my husband the first gift I ever gave him was for Valentine’s Day. It was a blue flannel shirt, really thick and more expensive than I would have bought for myself. Years later he would let me borrow it and I would walk around campus with the smell of him on his flannel shirt and just smile because it made me think of him. He made spaghetti and meatballs for me that first Valentine’s Day and took me to a park. We had a romantic evening under the stars eating his homemade spaghetti. That memory is still priceless to me now. 

Now we have children and I watch them write their Valentine’s cards for their classmates and receive their Valentine’s treats from their Daddy. I gave their great grandma the valentines they made for her and hung them upon her door. As I sat with her I asked her if she remembered making a heart shaped cookie cake every year for us when we were children and she did. I love the memories of all the Valentine’s Days gone by. I love that I get to look forward to watching my children’s in the future and still having more with my husband.

Take a moment to remember your Valentine’s traditions from when you were a child.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  May love and wonder fill your day each and every day of your life.

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