We Each Have A Purpose, January 28, 2013 Daily Reflection


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My purpose in this life is to move people closer to God, one word, one reflection, one speech, one retreat, one step at a time. I know this to be true as I know God is true.

But most people do not believe that God has called them to a purpose in this life. There has been no sign of a burning bush, no booming voice in the night, no whisper in the wind. They believe that they are not the chosen ones. Because there seems to be no proof there must be no calling. “Others may be called by God but not me.”

God created each and every one of us on this earth. With every creation that He breathed life into there is a purpose. Just because you have yet to discover your purpose does not mean it doesn’t exist. Indeed your life is of unbelievable value. God knows you and loves you whether you know Him, acknowledge Him or seek Him out, His love is still unconditional.

So how do we discover this call from God? How are we, normal every day people, to seek out the divine and His purpose for our lives? We are not people who have been in seminaries or through years of studying the Bible. We are just men and women living our lives, working our jobs, paying our bills, raising our children, enjoying our grandchildren and taking advantage of retirement and relaxation. How are we to hear a voice that makes no audible sound?

We have to listen in a different way than we have been taught. My 9 year old son, Spencer, whispered to me in Church “Mom, I don’t know what God sounds like?  I am listening but I don’t think He is talking to me.” I replied, “You know that voice you hear in your head that tells you to do the right thing when you want to do the wrong thing? That is God. God whispers thoughts into your mind. Listen to those thoughts that are strong and good.”

Have you ever had a moment in your life when it seems as though everything added up perfectly and you said “That was a crazy coincidence or can you believe the timing?” We often think things just happen. God guides us to “coincidences” that lead us to our purpose. God gives life to ideas in our minds that we suddenly have a passion to pursue. God will never make us follow a certain path but if we listen, watch and observe we will see that He is pointing us in a particular direction.

If we want to find our purpose then we need to slow down and live our lives more aware. Open the conversation with God about it. Pay attention to the causes and ideas that move our hearts and make us want to take action. Instead of stifling those thoughts let them simmer, talk about them out loud, and explore the options.  We each have a purpose in this life. God is calling us. It is never too late or too early to seek our purpose and please God with our lives.

It is an honor to serve our purpose and add to the world the way God intended when the thought of us became flesh.

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