Weeds, June 18, 2012 Daily Reflection

The Weed

As I meandered down the gravel path lined with trees that reached to the sky it caught my eye. It was a leafy plant climbing next to the tree. I wondered was it a weed or was it a tree?  I explored more closely and discovered bright yellow flowers atop the sturdy stalk of the plant. How can something that is a weed produce such beauty?

A weed is something unwanted, undesirable and sometimes flat out annoying. Although the plant did not have the strength, or height of the oak tree it still fulfilled a purpose. Its purpose was different from that of the tree. The tree is to grow slow and steady to provide shade and habitats for small woodland creatures of that area. What did the weed do?

That weed inspired me to look for the good that comes from the outcast, unwanted and undesired. Every creation has a purpose deep within. As people of God we must find the “weeds” of this world and see the flowers and good that they create.

The flowers on the top of the "weed"

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