Where are you? Because We are Here, May 28 Daily Reflection

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The City Skyline

A night out with my girl friends! We were to meet, 5 of us from high school, at a restaurant down on the river for dinner, talking, laughing, relaxation and fun. Three of us, (who have stayed in touch since high school), meet at 7pm but the other two, (we found on face book recently), were not there. We sat and enjoyed our dinner sharing stories, enjoying time without having to cut anyone’s food or asking our children to stay seated. We did not have phone numbers for the other two; we had only contacted them via email. I emailed one “We are here. Where are you?”

Her husband emailed me back they are on the first floor. We of course were on the second floor. I ran down the stairs to find them sitting there eating and laughing. They had been there since before 7pm and we did not see each other because we were seated on different levels. We of course joined them downstairs and continued to talk and laugh until the restaurant was emptied. We laughed about the situation saying “We thought you stood us up!”

So many times in life we are waiting on a different level as a friend or loved one. We are waiting for them to get to us. Wondering what is taking so long or that maybe they just didn’t care enough to show up at all. When they were doing and feeling the exact same way waiting for us and wondering if we cared at all about them. How often do we say “If she cared at all she would call me? I mean really how hard is it to pick up the phone and call me?” Well, it’s not difficult to pick up the phone so why don’t we pick it up? Why do we expect to be catered to instead of going to that person ourselves? Why is it all about us and not about them?

We live in a self centered world. How can I become better, more successful, happier and fuller? We have little thoughts of how can I help the other person to become all of those things. Yet, if we tried to help others reach their full potential and love them more fully we would grow and reach our full potential through selflessness on that journey.

Who are you waiting on? Did you ever think they may be waiting on you? Today consider getting out of your cozy seat and searching for them on a different level. The point is not really who does the searching the point is that you find each other and enjoy the journey together.

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