Work Place Relief, March 26, 2013 Daily Reflection

A place we went bike riding on a Sunday afternoon

We move a million miles a minute, our thoughts are faster than our brains can sometimes handle. We each have a list of 50 things to do here today at work. That list doesn’t include the things we have to do after work.

Right now in this place, in this moment realize this is the only place you can be. This is the only place you have to be right now. Take a deep breath, take another one and realize everything else will be right where you left it. For the next few minutes just be here. Look at the soothing picture and relax. This is where your body is right now. Please invite your mind to rest and become fully present here and now. There is nowhere else you need to be, but right here right now.

When you are overwhelmed and stressed out take a deep cleansing breath (actually take 3). Realize where you are and become present in that moment. The world will not crumble if you take 3 minutes to center yourself. Try it today.


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