Yesterday, April 4, 2013 Daily Reflection

My parents front porch swing

“Yesterday seems so very far away…” As I was sitting and swinging on this porch swing on my parents front porch many memories came back to me. I remember sitting on the swing eating ice cream and talking with my best friend, Brian, from down the street about getting a kickball game together. I remember sitting there at night with Tonya on one side and Greta on the other as Debbie acted out a hilarious joke in the 6th grade during a slumber party. I remember my old yellow and blue huffy dirt bike that used to sit against the wrought iron railing at the other end of the porch. I remember writing about the sunset over the farm behind me, before it was developed into a new neighborhood. I remember my sister carrying me to the swing and gently sitting me onto it when I cut the back of my heel open and watching her run down the street to Brian’s house to get his mom to help me. (My parents were playing tennis at the time.) I remember swinging on that swing and talking to the boy I was crushing so hard on at age 13. I remember sitting on that swing waiting for my boyfriend, who is now my husband, to pull up in his VW rabbit to pick me up for a date. I have so many memories from that swing. Each day I go to my parent’s house I make more memories but now I am watching my own children grow from the swing. I am witnessing them making their own memories from parent’s house.

It is a circle of life. I remember and I grow.

What object or place brings a flood of memories back to your mind?

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