Your Teacher, February 1, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake and his favorite teacher EVER

In the front of the class

At the back of the class

Everywhere at all times

With eyes in the back of her head

Your teacher

She stays up late to grade your test

He gets up early to plan the lessons

She dedicates her thoughts, her hours, and her day to one goal: You

He wants more than anything to see it in your eyes…

Questioning, reflection, acceptance, passion, feelings… but ultimately understanding

She does all of this not for a paycheck (she would quit) not for the fame (no one knows her name) not for the compliments (parents are not always kind) not for the hours (but maybe for the summers off)

He does it because he was called to be a teacher

She was given special gifts to listen, to laugh, to understand, to teach, to care, to love

Your teacher

May God continue to bless him with the gifts of compassion, empathy, and leadership but most of all the ability to truly listen to the heart of every child

May God rest His strong and gentle hands upon her shoulders so that she may have the strength to give the most needed gift to each unique child

May God embrace her daily and let her know He walks with her into that classroom

May God keep and bless him all the days of his life

Your Teacher

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