Around the Corner, July 19, 2016 Daily Reflection

Bamboo Maze

Bamboo Maze

Why must some of us need to know what is around the corner? Why can’t we be OK with not knowing our future? My son asked me if I had any superpower what would I want it to be? Would I want to know the future? My answer was quickly, NO! I don’t want to know the day of my demise or how it will occur. I don’t want to know any hardships or pain I will endure in the future. I am blissful not knowing what is around every corner.

I trust in God. I trust in attempting to do his will daily. I trust that things will work out for the best. I trust that if I am trying to please God, at least he knows that and will possibly have mercy on my soul. I want to live one day at a time. Yes, I have goals and plans but I don’t need to know if they will ever happen. Some of the best moments of my life were spent not knowing; not knowing if I would be published, not knowing if my husband would propose, not knowing how much I could possibly love each and everyone of my children.

If you have faith in God then you don’t need to know what is around every corner. You just need to trust that God will accompany you there and no matter what you encounter he will never leave you to face it alone.

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