Family, January 17, 2018 Daily Reflection

My family on our ski vacation 2017

Pope Francis teaches us that the family is the corner stone of our society, every society. A family is our first love. We learn to love from the moment of birth when we are handed to someone and are taken care of by another. We cannot care for ourselves as babies, we would die. Our needs are met with food, shelter, clothing, but most of all love. Without that first love we would suffer. Our parents or caregivers are our first love. They taught us what love is and we constructed an understanding through this intricate relationship. If we were lucky we had siblings that taught us love and how to socialize, respect, and live with others. The sibling relationship is much more difficult, the love doesn’t seem as unconditional. That is love that comes with fights, and lots of teachable moments from the parents about kindness, respect, and selflessness. The dynamics within a family constantly change but the underlying love doesn’t.

Family is a way for God to love us. God’s love works through people. We are the hands, hearts, and physical touch of God’s love on earth. We must love our family like God loves us. We must make time for them, listen, understand, and honor them. We all have schedules and too much to do but family is one of the most important relationships we will ever have on this earth.

I was lucky to be able to go on a family vacation skiing before Christmas. We had so much fun, even though we fell often. We ate together, played together, and laughed together. There was no homework, no interruptions from the outside world. There was just us being family and it was invaluable. So, as my husband recently said, “I don’t care how much it costs we will never skip family vacations because of money again!” At the end of life I don’t think I will sigh and say, “It was a great life because we always had enough money.” I think I will say, “I had a wonderful life because I had faith and time with my family!” Take the time to be with your family, that’s where the love begins. God loved us into being so we can love others as the divine has loved us. Love your family.

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