Following God is more than….March 2, 2017 Daily Reflection

Some of those I love best

It sometimes appears to me that many people believe that the only thing one has to do to “follow God” is to pray. Without a doubt, God created us to be in relationship with God! However, God also created humanity, and nature. The garden of Eden is the perfect example of humanity fully thriving before the fall. Adam and Eve loved one another. Adam walked with God in the evenings. They both treated nature with respect and lived in a balance. Then they choose with their freewill to know more than their own creator. Doing so left them with a disdain for one another, blame became their companion, and guilt as well, causing chaos in a once harmonious Eden. They hid from God and became distant because of their shame. They were sent out of the beauty, love, and coexistence of the garden into the world. God created us with free will, so that we could truly love. That love cannot remain just between self and God. It must transcend one relationship and grow into every relationship. God’s desire for humanity is that we love God, self, others, and nature in freedom and peace.

Following God is more than a relationship between me and God. It is the love that is born from that relationship that allows me to love others just as much. If your love for God is good then your love for others is amazing. What are you doing to broaden that relationship in your own life and the life of others?

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