In the stillness, June 15, 2015 Daily Reflection

2011-08-08 20.34.44As I watched my son drive in circles on his homemade go kart my eyes wondered to the sky above me. I could hear his exhaust and the laughter and joy from his fading voice as my thoughts slipped away to the lingering clouds in the evening dusk. The light blue still able to illuminate the satin clouds, I noticed they were moving ever so slightly across the sky. It was then that I realized I rarely see the clouds in motion. My son passed me again on his go kart and I could not help but smile at his joy of his creation and the speed from the hours of the work of his hands. Then he was gone again.

I looked back to the clouds and thanked God for the creation of the sky and again noticed the slow motion of the massive clouds. Then it dawned on me that the reason I rarely see the clouds move is because I am always in motion. I couldn’t remember the last time I sat still beneath the sky and watched God’s beautiful creation unfold above me. When I am still it is because I am writing, reading, thinking, praying, or doing something in that silence. But in that moment I was standing still and I was able to witness God’s creation slipping across the sky and in the background I could hear a creation that I was able to help add to this world, my son.

God has given us the most magnificent gifts and we are in motion and rarely notice. Today, stand still and notice. Try to stand still enough to watch the earth’s clouds slink across the beautiful skies. Then take the time to Thank God for every moment of it all, the motion and the stillness.

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