Jesus Christ Is Born, December 25 Christmas Reflection

Jesus Christ in a manager

Jesus Christ is born!

The son of God was not born to the mightiest king in a castle. He was not laid upon the finest sheets and cared for by a nurse maid. God humbled Himself and came to our world as a human baby the son of a carpenter. He was born in a stable among the ox and donkeys. He was laid upon straw in a manager that was used to feed the animals. He was not born alone but with two humble servants of the Lord and soon after His birth they welcomed shepherds to see Him. The air was not scented with candles, the doors were not closed to the world. God welcomed the world to see His son. He welcomed the animals to lie next to Him. The son of God was not born to the elite but among the peasants and ordinary folk so that He could teach us how to follow Him.

Emmanuel: God with us.

Rejoice for the Son of God, Jesus Christ has been born this day to teach us simply how to live, love, forgiveĀ and seek out eternal salvation.

Rejoice and give praise to God that He gave His only Son to each and every one of us on this blessed Christmas Day!

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