Labels, September 9, 2011 Daily Reflection



Labels they are on everything our clothes, luggage, cars, computers, bikes, socks they are even on our furniture. Ever notice how sometimes labels get stuck on people? I don’t mean GAP or LL Bean. I mean nerd, athlete, mom, teacher, banker, shy, bad boy and all sorts of other labels.

Have you ever been stuck with a label in your life? Most of us were as children. Then suddenly we took on that label as our own identity. That label made us feel as though that was all we were. Either you were the nerd, outcast, goofball or you were the football player, cheerleader or popular kid. How long did it take you to get past that label? How much did you internalize those stereotypes?

As children and teens we are searching for our niche in this life, open and vulnerable to others words and actions. As adults we mature and realize it was just a word and if we let it go it has no power over us. We are all so much more than a label can ever hold. We are each unique gifts from God. There is nothing about our make up that is stereotypical. God only made one you in this world. There will never be a person with the same experiences, thoughts, feelings or gifts from God that you have right now, NEVER. You are an original not a label made at a factory. Not a name called out on a playground. You were formed and given life by God with the most unique characteristics thoughts and gifts to be given to the world. If you still have that label hanging over your head let it go this day. For God made YOU one of a kind!

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