Nap Time, December 8, 2011 Daily Reflection

Spencer napping

How many adults wish we could take a nap? How many of us would like to take a short cat nap once a day? How many of us were made to take naps as kids? How many of us hated naps when we were kids?

When I was a child my mom would make me take naps. Oh, how I HATED nap time. I didn’t want to sleep! I wanted to be where everyone else was. I wanted to play and have fun.  I HATED NAPTIME!

When I became a parent and my children were little we had naptime. Because I have four children and they are stair stepped 2 years between each one, I was pregnant often. During naptimes when I was pregnant I was able to have a short cat nap. I loved those naps. As the children outgrew naps and came to dislike them I remember saying to them “If only I could take a nap…why won’t someone tell me to take a nap? I will do it!” It is funny how my perspective changed so much.

Now my children are all in school and although I work part time, I am constantly on the go. Even when I am home I am writing or working. Oh, how this picture makes me want to take a nap right now. But I have the self discipline to just keep working.

Someday I will retire, my kids will grow up, I will age then I will nap again. My dad loves his naptime.  He is retired and although he stays very active with so many ministries and service he still takes the time to take a nap daily. I don’t want to rush my life but someday when I am at that point I will indeed love my naptime.

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