Pain, October 22 Daily Reflection

Spencer's hurt finger

How do we maintain the pain of this life? Do we try to curb the pain with prescription medication or self medication like alcohol? After we have administered medication does the pain subside or is it gone completely? It all depends upon the root of the pain. Physical pain is so much easier to fix you go to the doctor they diagnose the ailment medicate you and within a few days you feel normal once more. It is the emotional and spiritual wounds that lie open to more pain that cannot be so easily fixed. What are we to do when instant gratification is not an option for such pain? How do we endure that other pain?

As humans we want to control all aspects of our lives. When we are unable to control something within then we simply feel out of control, distracted and disoriented. There are no silver bullets for emotional pain like for physical pain. Talking to someone you can trust, facing the pain head on with someone else’s guidance can be the start of the healing. Asking for help, admitting you need the help and asking for God’s intervention can ease a little of the weight. Although when one first rips off the scab that has protected the wound it will bleed and be painful. If you need help seek it out in prayer and with people who can help. Don’t try to hold all that pain inside because over time it will corrode your inner being. If you are in pain make today the day you ask for help.


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