Writing Papers, July 12, 2016 Daily Reflection

Studying at Kentucky Kingdom

Studying at Kentucky Kingdom

I have another paper due in a few weeks for my Master’s course; Christian Spirituality. I have started the 15-20 page paper but have not completed writing the rough draft. It is easy to find an excuse, I am a mom of 4 children, it’s summertime, I have a new dog, I am constantly running, going to Kentucky Kingdom, the pool, or to cook outs. I am carving out sometime over the next few days to hammer it out.

It is so much more difficult for me to write papers than it is for me to write hundreds of blogs. Maybe, because blogs are more creative, less restrained, I can write about anything I want. The paper is very focused, I need to reference and quote my resources, write in MLA format, and follow all the specific guidelines. Then I send it to an editor at the school for student papers. A week later I receive the paper back with it dripping in red ink. I get angry and I start the corrections. When I finally complete it I am so excited! I get a break for about 2 weeks start a new course and the entire process starts all over again (until December of 2017 EEEK!). This Master’s program will take 4.5-5 years, that’s a long time.

So, please say a little prayer for me to write a decent paper. I have written 14 over the course of the last 2 years and never received lower than an A-. I always pray that God will inspire me and help me to buckle down and do the work. You of course all realize this blog was to completely distract me from working on the paper, right. Thanks for the prayers and constant encouragement!

If it were not for those who pray for us, encourage, and support us, where would we be? Who encourages, supports and prays for you? Thank them today!

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