Stained Glass, February 16 Daily Reflection

Stained Glass Window

Stained glass; colored, not as pure as clear glass but the light can still penetrate the colors and splash through to the other side. Separated each color shows but a single hue but together an array of mixed colors.  Together they are as one.

We are like that stained glass. Our souls have been tainted, colored and stained by our sins and mistakes. We wash our glass and try to erase the sins by not repeating the same offenses some of us by going to Reconciliation yet, we continue to sin and another color has tainted our soul once more. We are not pure and clear but a little foggy and dulled yet full of the colors of life. If we open our lives to others then we can allow God’s light to splash through our glass panes.

 We are not alone in this endeavor we call life. We are surrounded by others who are tainted yet trying as well. Together we become one body waiting for the light to break through our sins and mistakes. When God casts His forgiving light upon our sins they are forgiven and made into a new creation, the colors cast forth are brilliant and radiant.

We are human and we sin. We are colored and tainted. We are together in it all and yet God loves us all the more. We must repent and open our lives to His goodness. We must let His goodness shine through our imperfections and the world will see the beauty of the stained glass windows; a window that looks out to God and in to our souls.

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