The Mercy Creed, March 12, 2015 Daily Reflection

2015 Anna Mercy

My Anna in her Mercy sweatshirt

I attended Mercy Academy for high school. I treasured the experience as a teenager but of course I treasure it even more now that I am a mother. Mercy taught me so many values, life lessons, and core beliefs that helped to form me in my faith. The teachers cared for me and opened my eyes to a new way of looking at faith. My English teacher made a comment on an essay that I still have to this day that said, “Lori, you are a talented writer.” That one comment encouraged me to never stop writing. A few years back I was honored to be the alum of the year for Mercy. I was chosen because they believe that I fulfilled the characteristics of the Mercy Creed. I try daily to follow the Mercy Creed. It is such an honor to have graduated from an establishment that values service, selflessness and the values of Christ above all else.

The Mercy Creed

The Academy of Our Lady of Mercy educates each student, each in her own right, to be a woman of Mercy:

  • rooted in the values of Jesus;
  • well-educated and self-disciplined;
  • enriched by diversity and tolerant of differences;
  • compassionate and generous;
  • able to lead and willing to serve;

who graciously shares these Mercy values with others.

Now, it is my daughter’s turn to attend Mercy. I was beyond thrilled that she choose Mercy. I have tried to raise her with these core values. She now has the opportunity to grow, mature, and see from a different perspective. I pray that she too will value the Mercy Creed like I do. I am so blessed to have been a part of Mercy and even more blessed than Anna will as well.

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