The Train, February 5 Daily Reflection

Ethan's model train on the track.

In the distance a faint sound floats across the breeze, a dull whistle blows. The track before you stretches, winds and curves, one cannot see the train only the path that it will take towards where you stand.  Closer, rumbling, chugging, vibrations beneath your feet, you don’t just hear it but feel it within you. It is coming and your body feels the rush of something so great, powerful and overwhelming. You freeze waiting for its appearance so you can see it. You smell the smoke and oil and can feel the wind shift. You hear it closer, even closer it barrels ahead; it must be on the curve out of sight for you still cannot witness it with your eyes but you know with every fiber of your being it is there right beyond that curve!

Why must we see to believe? When all that we know within our hearts and souls have confirmed that God exists. Why then must we see the Face of God to believe He exists?

Without seeing you believe, without touching, without the physical senses being effected you know with all that you are God is there, that is Faith. How is that possible? Are we all deluding ourselves believing so that we don’t have to worry about death? Are we just grasping at straws in hopes that this earthly existence is not all that there is? Can anyone totally reassure another that God does exist beyond a shadow of a doubt?

God’s presence is clear to those who believe, who have faith. God’s presence is as obvious as that train is real, if we pause in life and truly live it, breathe it in and mindfully watch for God’s presence. The presence of God is with each of us whether you believe or recognize His presence God still remains.

God is present in the mere breath that you take in and breathe out daily. He created your body, mind and soul.  If it were not for God YOU would not exist. Could there possibly be any other entity that could create human life but God? God is present in your very existence on this earth. God is present in all of nature, who other than God could have possibly created the intricate balance of nature, from the sunsets to the oceans, the trees that give us the oxygen to breathe to the sun that warms us enough to live and thrive. God is present in all the good that people do on a daily basis that goes unnoticed, unthanked and unwelcomed from some. God is present in the simple smile of a child and the tears of the elderly. God does not with hold His love from anyone, not even the ones immersed in evil deeds. God is there to trying to show love and mercy to those whose paths have turned from His radiant Light. God has given us the freewill to choose to acknowledge His existence or to deny it. God is omnipresent, everywhere at all times.

The train tracks are there, all the signs of God’s presence in our world, you can feel the rumble of the engines in your soul, goose bumps from a feeling that has nothing to with the physical condition, you can hear the whistle, the inspired words of God from others and the scriptures, you can smell the oil and smoke, you breathe in the air he created to prolong your existence.

Why must you see the train to know that it is there? Trust your heart, your soul and your mind for there lays the truth at the core of who you are and there and only there you shall discover FAITH.

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