Think of Jesus, April 1, 2015 Daily Reflection

2015 If Tears Could Build a stairwayThis is a monument to a dear friend of mine who passed away from cancer a few years ago. I miss her dearly. As I walked by it yesterday with my youngest son, Jake, he stopped to read it. I took a picture of it and he said that I should write about Jesus. He said, “Jesus was such a great teacher people would love to see him again. I bet people would think of him if they read this.”

Jake was right. Jesus was an excellent teacher and apparently rather charismatic, proven by the droves of people who followed him. Or maybe it was the fact that he was God and man is always attracted to God. Either way people would like to be with God. So, read it again and as Jake would say, “Think of Jesus.”

We are so blessed that we don’t have to wait to know Jesus. We can pray, and wait in the silence to feel the presence of Jesus in our lives. We don’t have to walk up to heaven to find our savior for his spirit resides in our soul. Often times we feel abandoned, confused, and alone but we are not alone. Jesus Christ is always with us. He is only a prayer away. What words will you say to Jesus today?

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