Worn Down Sign, October 20 Daily Reflection


Do you ever feel worn, crackled and just plain used up?  This sign speaks to me maybe it was the angle of the photograph I took.  It says I am still standing with no letters speaking, no message, cracked and worn down from the elements but still standing firmly against the blue sky, I will remain.

As moms I think we all feel worn down by the end of the day!  We just want some peace, quiet and tranquility to come down off our hectic non stop day.  We have been beaten down by the physical aspects of mothering.  Tending to all the falls, skinned knees, falling off the bikes, bumping into anything in the path of a child.  Getting up in the middle of the night to console a crying baby, a child with a nightmare or restless sleep because we are thinking about tomorrow. 

As moms I think we feel crackled like the sign.  Our look is not so fresh and perky as it was in the days before children.  We age, such is life.  The worries age us more.  Half the time when I was a new mom I was lucky to get a shower because the demands of a newborn are endless!!  Mentally you feel crackled as well or splintered at least.  Trying to make sure you have the schedule for the next day planned out.  Getting kids ready, fed and off to school at the correct time, going to work or meetings.  Scheduling all sports practices, PTO meetings, school meetings not to mention at some point we should really stop to feed the kids dinner.  Then baths, homework and get ready for the next day.  It’s a true wonder any mother is sane after 18 years or more of the same stress.

As moms I think we feel used up like the sign.  Being a mom can suck the life and energy out of us.  We have more than children in our lives that need our energy and attention, spouses, family, work, church, volunteer projects, friends and any hobbies or sports we try to fit in for pure pleasure takes it’s toll as well.  What’s left at the end of a day feels like a used up balloon on the floor with no air left inside deflated, laying on the couch appearing to watch tv but completely zoned out.  Falling into bed ready to just be unconscious.

But like that sign we as moms still stand firm, solid, unwavering and we will remain against it all blue skies or gray.  As moms that’s just what we do.  We get worn down, cracked and used up by mothering and life.  What helps us to stand strong and wake up each morning and do it all over again is our undying, relentless unconditional love for our children.  No matter how many times I have said “I quit, I’m done, can’t do it anymore” and thrown my hands up, which I have done, I never quit!  I am never done and I actually want to do this for my entire lifetime. 

 God gives me the energy to keep on going, He gives me the mental capacity to not actually crack completely and he gives me the strength to love straight through it all.  God shows us how to be the moms we are by His example.  God gives us unconditional, lay down your life for you love.  Who of us moms would not lay down our life for our children?  We all would because there is no limit or endpoint to the love we feel, the relationship we create with our children.  It is unending, undying, unconditional.

We as moms stand strong like that worn down, weather beaten, crackled sign. We will remain for our children with God’s strength to be the moms that God has called us to be.

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